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Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

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Water is a damaging element for your rug and carpet flooring.

You may just be thinking about a glass of water spilled on your carpet.

However, accidents can happen, such as plumbing leaks, flooding, and faulty water lines.

In these situations, your carpet will become soaked and more difficult to dry.

Having wet floor carpeting is inconvenient and frustrating.

Dirt, mud, and other disgusting stuff will easily stick to your carpet.

What’s more, it can easily become a breeding site for bacteria and molds.

Your family could experience breathing problems and other health complications when this happens.

Keep this thing from happening by calling 3 Diamonds Carpet Clean for emergency water damage repair.

We have highly skilled and experienced technicians who can fix and make your carpet flawless anew.

Call our team now for a prompt, same-day carpet cleaning and repair in your area.

Reasons Why You Have A Water-Damaged Carpet

It seems unlikely to flood inside your house and cause water damage to your property.

However, it’s possible to happen due to many things.

Here are the top 3 reasons for carpet water damage.

⦁ Clean water damage happens when rainwater, home appliances, water from faulty piping, and water spills come in contact with your carpet.

⦁ Greywater damage is caused by water that is slightly contaminated.

Sources of greywater include dishwasher discharge pipes and toilet leaks.

⦁ Blackwater damage is commonly caused by sewer backups.

This type of water damage is almost a hopeless case because the water is extremely nasty and smelly.

If you experience any water leaks in your carpet, you must notify your technician right away.

Do not let your carpet soak and stay wet for a long time.

It can cause bigger problems and irreparable damage to your carpet flooring and rugs.

Sometimes, the leak may be gradual and impossible to detect.

If this problem persists, you may start noticing a foul, musty odor coming from the damp area.

Bacterial and mildew growths are an indication of water damage.

How Do You Fix a Water-Damaged Carpet?

Can You Salvage a Water-Damaged Carpet?

Water damage is nothing to professional technicians who can expertly deal with such problems.

At 3 Diamonds Carpet Clean, we can salvage any carpet that has been soaked for many hours.

We can fix all types of water damage, including blackwater which is the most difficult to repair and clean.

Often, homeowners decide to replace their carpets with new ones.

However, that’s not the case for us.

On the other hand, if you have clean water or greywater damage, here’s how we’ll handle the repair.

⦁ First, we will remove unnecessary items covering the carpet, such as furniture and plants.

⦁ We will then begin extracting as much water and moisture from the carpet as we can.
We use a high-quality vacuum to remove excess water from your carpet.

⦁ Next, we will allow the carpet to dry thoroughly using our blower.
We will open the windows, turn on your electric fans, and set up dehumidifiers to facilitate the process.
This will allow your carpet to dry more quickly.
Sometimes, we remove the carpet and hang it under the sun to prevent mildew growth.

⦁ Sometimes, the water damage is so severe that it damages the carpet padding.
If this is your case, our expert cleaners can change the padding for you for complete carpet restoration.

Prompt and Efficient Water Damage Repair

A water-damaged carpet may be uncommon, but you should prepare for it.

You must have a reliable, on-call carpet cleaning company in case such an unfortunate circumstance happens to you.

3 Diamonds Carpet Clean is an expert in carpet cleaning and restoration.

We’ve been doing this for years, so you can trust that we know how to do it professionally.

Our experienced and certified technicians can fix your carpet within the hour.

Once we’re done, your carpet will look as if nothing happened.

It will smell pleasant and look immaculate — almost as if you’ve just placed it on your floor.

If you need same-day carpet cleaning and repair, call 3 Diamonds Carpet Clean.

Our team is always ready for any emergency call in your area.

We will immediately go to your place and get the job done as soon as possible.

Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday for quick and efficient carpet cleaning services.

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