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How To Get Furniture Marks Out of Carpet

How To Get Furniture Marks Out of Carpet

Even the most perfect furniture setting could bore you one day.

You’d feel like redesigning, replacing, and relocating your furniture either because guests are coming or perhaps you are shifting to a new house.

In either case, while the new setting will certainly appeal to your eyes, how do you ignore the furniture indentures left by the old setting?

An ugly reminder of the remnants of your past?

Perhaps you are having guests over, and you have dragged your furniture to the side to make the space more open and breathable.

But the furniture indentures have placed you in an awkward position.

If you face this issue, then you are not alone.

Marks left by heavy furniture don’t just look bad, but continuous dragging across the carpet can also ruin the fibers of your favorite plush carpet.

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Read the guide below on how to get furniture marks out of carpet, or watch this detailed video to know the hack of a lifetime.

Supplies To Keep At Hand

It may feel like your carpet has been ruined and that no matter where you put your furniture, these marks will show.

If you are afraid of your carpet being marked with a gazillion furniture marks dotted across its surface, worry not.

Because the damage is not permanent!

You don’t need extra supplies or expertise to achieve a carpet that is as good as new.

Here’s everything you could need in your attempts to get furniture marks out of the carpet.

You can find a suitable carpet cleaner right in your home!

It all depends on the method you prefer.

  • Blow Dryer
  • Flat Iron
  • Ice

How to Get Furniture Marks Out of Carpets?

In this guide on how to get furniture marks out of carpet, we don’t share just one but rather three foolproof methods to get rid of furniture indentures.

Choose the method of your liking.

For the fastest fix, we suggest using a flat iron to make the fibers flatten out.

These methods also work to remove furniture marks from all the various types of carpets, whether too fluffy and plush or whether twisted or Berber.

Method 1: Blow Away Hot Air

We love this method because it is quick and fast and very efficient.

All you need to do is approach your indenture with a blow dryer in the highest setting.

However, before that, you will need to prep the carpet by sprinkling some warm water onto its surface.

Blow hot air onto the surface and use your fingers or a wide bristled brush to comb over the carpet, taking care that your hand motion is in the direction of the woven fibers.

Method 2: Flatten the Indenture with An Iron

This is our favorite method.

It uses heat.

It is quick.

But it does not damage your carpet.

All you have to do is wet the area housing the furniture mark.

Cover it up with a piece of cloth so as not to burn the fibers.

Proceed by laying the iron flat against the surface and combing your fingers to give the carpet its natural appearance.

Method 3: Make Ice Your Best Friend

Using ice to remove furniture marks from your carpet is not a 5-minute hack because the process requires an overnight effort.

Thus, if you are on a time crunch, then this may not be an ideal solution for you.

Here’s how you can use ice to save you from those horrific furniture indentures.

Locate all the areas with furniture marks and place a couple of ice cubes onto their surface.

Leave the carpet as it is over a period of 24 hours.

It is better to keep the ice in overnight so that the fibers take in the moisture and regain their original shape.

The next morning, if any excess liquid remains, just blot it out with a dry white cloth.

For an extra measure, use your fingers to comb through the fibers so that they match the direction in which they were woven.

And finally, your carpet is now in its original position.

Simply clean it up with a carpet or a rug cleaner and cater to your guests with hospitality.


Taking furniture indentures out of carpets can be a very quick Do It Yourself task.

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